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Blog #1 - A Preview into

The site is a work in progress. 

What can people visiting experience you might ask...

The website is more or less a reflection of my YouTube channel - which is covering topics that interest me such as Science and Technology, to Political, to Financial, Sports, and also what is trending at that moment in time. I try to diversify as much as possible and try not to go back to the same news source for all of my information, although some are definitely more reliable than others. That actually leads me to another point of why I made this website.


I'm actually banned on Facebook until at least the beginning of 2022. Many of us who have had skin in the game have been used to dealing with bans, shadowbans, account suppression, and most of them unjustifiably. 

We serve our bans and then eventually come back to these platforms that don't align with our values. Why do we do this?

The main reason I believe is that lack of an alternate choice. The competition (Bitchute,, Gab, Parler, Etc) do not have the power to compete, and if a startup company grows fast, the big guys already have so much money that 99% of the time they end up buying the company outright or blocking and censoring it to death and driving it into the ground.

One thing I learned from my previous e commerce store (trumptreats) is that the political stuff is extremely difficult to advertise, as my political beliefs don't coincide with the establishment. So they did not allow the majority of the ads i was running for the store, just because they contained pro orange man products....It's possible that they may eventually bring the sledgehammer to this site as well, as it is owned and operated on Shopify's network. So we kind of have to play by their rules...

The store will be on the backside of what this website is really about. Sure if you want to show your support - you can definitely scoop up a cool item from the shop. I make a few bucks, you get a cool item. Both parties win.

But hopefully as the site progresses, because it definitely will be a work in progress, it will continue to improve and become more user friendly. For example - I created a subpage Social or social media - I would love to get all of my social posts automatically plugged into that somehow....there may be an app on here that does it, but I am more focused on laying the foundation of the site right now. 

I chose shopify because I figured all though its really designed mostly for e commerce shopping and not traditional style web page design, it still offers a ton of features for the $30 or so that it costs to run the site per month. 

I'm taking advantage of the free trial though but I want to have the site launched on my birthday 12/18/21.

Let's see what happens!


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