Coinbase Pay lets you add funds directly to your wallet

Coinbase Pay lets you add funds directly to your wallet

Bypassing the need to copy and paste your wallet address

Cryptocurrency - Coinbase Coinbase Pay is available through the Coinbase Wallet Google Chrome extension.Photo by Fabian Sommer/picture alliance via Getty Images

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is introducing a new tool, called Coinbase Pay, that’s supposed to simplify the process of loading cryptocurrencies into your wallet.

As outlined on Coinbase’s site, you can access Coinbase Pay through the Coinbase Wallet extension for Google Chrome. You’ll have to connect your wallet to your Coinbase account if it’s your first time using the extension. Once you’ve done that, you can add funds by selecting the “Add crypto with Coinbase Pay” button. From there, you can select the currency you want to add to your wallet, enter the amount, finalize the transaction, and your funds will be available.

You can use Coinbase Pay to purchase and transfer crypto directly to your wallet.
Image by Coinbase

Previously, the only way to add crypto to your Coinbase wallet was by going through the more tedious process of logging in to the Coinbase website, purchasing crypto, and then entering your wallet address to transfer the funds. This new tool eliminates the possibility of making an error when entering your address and potentially sending it to another address as a result — not to mention that it just seems a whole lot more convenient.

Coinbase has been pushing to make cryptocurrency and NFTs more accessible to the general population and started letting users pay for NFTs with Mastercard earlier this year. Other companies have also been trying to appeal to crypto beginners, with password manager 1Password providing an easier way for users to store their wallet information (something that newbies often don’t know what to do with) and also adding support for the Solana wallet, Phantom.

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