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Gab CEO Andrew Torba: “We Are A Sleeping Giant and Will Impact 2022 Election”

Andrew Torba, the CEO of alternative free speech platform Gab, sent an early morning message on Wednesday, detailing the increasing strength of his platform and decrying forced vaccination requirements that have left record numbers of Americans out-of-work.

A record number of Americans “quit their jobs” this November, or that is to say they were either forced to quit their jobs or got fired for refusing to inject themselves with an experimental substance. Millions more are biding their time as our federal government tries to force businesses with over 100 employees to mandate vaccination in order to retain employment.


According to Gab’s internal metrics and analytics, TENS OF MILLIONS visit the platform each month and they are on track to become one of the 1,000 MOST VISITED websites in the world in 2022. Torba also highlighted how the increasingly popular platform has become home for a wide-range of dissidents who are tired of being “gaslit and demonized” by the Big Tech platforms.

On Gab you’ll find dissident medical doctors who challenge the medical establishment. You’ll find dissident political thinkers who challenge the political establishment and dissident members of Congress who challenge the Congressional establishment. You’ll find dissident media outlets who challenge the mainstream media establishment along with normal everyday people just like you who are sick and tired of being gaslit and demonized by the Oligarchs on Big Tech platforms.

Gab has the strictest adherence to ultimate free speech of any alternative tech offering Torba argues, pointing to how they have paid the price when it comes to being banned from the app stores, payment processors… and even banks.

He is not shy to confirm that Gab has also attracted 50+ candidates for office from around the nation who will appear on the ballot in 2022, promising to impact the 2022 election cycle and usher in the first ever “Gab Congress.”

They are organizing, fundraising, and building community on Gab without permission from Silicon Valley. By this time next year the new Congress is set to be the Gab Congress and no one even realizes it yet, but they will soon.

Torba closed his message by promising to help Americans “peacefully rise up and exit the systems of control owned by God’s enemies.

This is the year we rise up peacefully and exit the systems of control owned by God’s enemies. This is the year that the tide turns and people say enough is enough. I encourage you to please tell a friend or family member about Gab this week. 100% of our growth is powered by word of mouth and has been for five years now. I also encourage you learn how to get Gab on your mobile phone here so you can help others do so when you tell them about Gab.

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